The New ETI-Research Copper Link RCA Connector is designed to incorporate cutting-edge, premium-grade audio technology. We started the star grounding design revolution and even though many copies are made they do not offer the superiority in material or the low mass the Copper LINK offers. With the low capacitance and mass you can be assured that the audio signal is not degraded going through the Copper LINK like it is in most connectors in the market.

The housing  is made from aluminium which protects the connectors from EMI/RF noise. With all the processors and switching power supplies commonly used throughout the industry, our audio systems are in a bath of noise and protection from this noise is needed.

With complete EMI/RF shielding to keep the noise to an absolute minimum. This will give a blacker background to showcase the pinpoint imagery in the soundstage

The Signal Pin is made from 1100 series Copper with an IACS rating of 102% which supplies superior conductivity.

Since the return pin takes all the pressure when connected  it is made from Tellurium Copper, which maintains the connection strength needed to last for years and years without breakage or degradation of audio quality.

The Copper LINK RCA Connector has twin strain  screws to keep your cable and the connection secure from plugging and pulling stress many of these connectors are exposed to.

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