Kryo Banana Connector

kryo banana connector
kryo banana connector

As with the rest of the Kryo line from ETI-Research, the Kryo Banana Connector has a cryogenic treatment applied during production to a specific audio formula. This ensures the removal of residual stresses and improves the product’s wear resistance for long-lasting durability.

This approach also means you will notice no degradation in sound quality over time. Perfect for high-end audio equipment consumers expect nothing but the best from. If you’re developing a quality audio system for demanding audiophiles, be sure to make the smart choice and insist on ETI-Research components.

The ETI-Research Kryo Banana Connector’s innovations and refinements include:

  • Major components made from Tellurium Copper with Silver plating with no Nickel for superior conductivity and long-lasting tarnish-free durability.
  • The Copper connector is lathed from one piece of Copper, with as much material removed as possible to allow for minimal resistance and capacitance, yet retaining the ability to transfer the current needed.
  • Housings made from Brass for superior vibration damping and high EMI/RF noise rejection.
  • Your choice of two housing sizes to suit a variety of audio cables.