Kryo Binding Post


The ETI-Research Kryo Binding Post is made from Tellurium Copper and Silver Plated for not only superior conductivity but long-lasting durability.

Special attention has been made to wall thickness that enough mass to allow the current demands necessary for many speaker designs. But we have also taken enough unneeded mass away to allow minimum capacitance and resistance.

We firmly believe that this if the finest Binding Post you can buy and are very proud of what can be achieved when using it in a quality system.


The housing is made from Brass for superior vibration damping and high EMI/RF noise rejection. As a final touch to improve wear and corrosion resistance, Cryogenic treatment in the USA to a specific formula is then applied to each connector.

Due to the unique design which unlike most Binding Pots on the market only needs  finger pressure to hold a Spade in place. No more having to apply excessive force in hoping that the Spade does not fall out

This combination of high-quality materials and specialised cryogenic treatment all adds up to a superior range of audio connectors designed for use by amplifier and speaker manufacturers to provide superior speaker terminals on their products. The Kryo Binding Post sets the gold standard for vibration damping and noise rejection while providing outstanding conductivity and flawless performance year after year.

Kryo Binding Post Front Dimension
BP-20C Binding Post Case hole Dimensions
New Kryo Binding Post dimensions