Kryo Spade Connector

kryo spade connector
kryo spade connector

**The Kryo Spade Connector has now been improved to be able to connect to both major size binding posts**

The ETI-Research Kryo Spade Connector is made from Tellurium Copper and Silver Plated for not only superior conductivity but long-lasting durability. The housing is made from Brass for greater vibration damping and high EMI/RF noise rejection. As a final touch, cryogenic treatment to a specific formula is then applied to each connector.

This combination of high-quality materials and specialised cryogenic treatment adds up to the highest standard of audio connectors designed for use by manufacturers to enhance the range of speaker cables they can offer their customers.

For added versatility, the Kryo Spade Connector gives you the choice of two different size Brass housings to better fit a wider variety of speaker cables. When it comes to producing the best quality audio connectors on the market, the ETI-Research team is leading the way.