Link Banana Connector

eti-research link banana connector

The ETI-Research LINK Banana Connector is supremely cost-effective yet produces exceptional sound. Known as a ‘sawtooth’ style of banana connector, this design is unique in the way it seamlessly makes a near-perfect connection between connector and terminal.

The punched and rolled Beryllium Copper internals are housed in a Brass shell to provide long-lasting strength and stability to comfortably withstand continuous plugging in and out.

Twin screws are utilised in the Link Banana Connector to secure the wire strongly in place. This generates the advantage of being able to secure larger-gauge wire without the need for soldering.

The Aluminum housing offers fantastic rejection of EMI and RF radiation, ensuring no disruption to superb sound quality. Twin screws are also employed for wire strain relief.

Whether you want to terminate patch cords for electronic test equipment or affix a connection to a loudspeaker wiring setup, the Link Banana makes a smart choice by offering both superb value for money and unrivalled audio clarity in its segment.

When it comes to providing audio connections of the highest quality and at the best price, ETI-Research will not be beaten.