Nexus RCA Connector

nexus rca connector premium rca

The ETI-Research Nexus RCA Connector has taken a new direction for us in the premium RCA Connector market. While we are the originators of the Minimum Mass Star grounding philosophy, we believe we can make more conventional RCA Connectors that offer many of the same attributes as the Bullet, which so many have come to depend on for absolute sound quality.

In theory, an RCA Connector should allow audio signal to transmit with little interference or effect. However, so many RCA Connectors are made from poor conductive metals such as Brass, which can alter and degrade the signal to cause a brittle and harsh sound.

The Nexus RCA Connector is a premium RCA product that does not fall into this lower-grade category. ETI-Research insists on the use of 1100 series Copper for the Signal Pin, which has an IAC Rating of 102%.

To ensure the durability needed for constantly plugging this premium RCA Connector in and out, the smooth, classy body of the Nexus is made from Tellurium Copper. This guarantees the integrity of the plug for years and years of use, with no drop in audio quality transmitted or durability of the product’s exterior.

Nexus Range

nexus rca connector premium rca connector

Nexus RCA Connector